Huntsville holds the amazing secret as a thriving and intimate year round community and international attraction as a global vacation destination. Full of beauty, adventure and celebration, Huntsville is one of the largest and fastest growing communities in Muskoka and a welcoming place for the young and old alike!

Huntsville not only promises a small-town boutique experience, but includes the convenience of big city amenities. Many love Huntsville as their year round home, and many more as their summer escape from the hustle and bustle for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Homes For Sale in Huntsville

Huntsville Real Estate offers a variety of lifestyle opportunities. There are many well established and friendly neighbourhoods, newly built subdivisions, condominium options, private rural settings and often unique possibilities for the very specific wish list. Excellent schools, year-round recreational activities and community engagement are just a few of the reasons Huntsville is an easy choice for many to make their home.

Cottages For Sale in Huntsville

Huntsville is beautifully dotted with large and small lakes and almost endless in waterfront options when a Huntsville cottage is your dream! Big boating experiences and ‘on the water’ activities are a main attraction to the 40 mile boating system that includes the linking of 4 major lakes; Fairy Lake, Lake Vernon, Peninsula Lake, and Mary Lake. Simple cottages, majestic parcels of land, and luxurious waterfront addresses are amongst your many options.

If you love to enjoy some quality time with nature, you are not alone. Many have opted for the weekend experience on one of the smaller and peaceful lakes that surround the Huntsville area.

Fox Lake, Buck Lake, Waseosa Lake, Ripple Lake, Pallette Lake, Harp Lake, and Longs Lake name a few. The Big East River flows into Lake Vernon and the Muskoka River winds its way throughout Muskoka’s downtown communities. Lake of Bays and Skeleton Lake are also popular lake choices when viewing cottages for sale in Muskoka.

Huntsville Living & Lifestyle


• Huntsville Public School
• Riverside Public School
• Spruce Glen Public School
• Pine Glen Public School
• Irwin Memorial Public School
• St Mary’s Catholic School
• Huntsville High School
• Huntsville Montessori
• Muskoka Christian School
• Tawingo College


• Camp Tawingo
• Camp Min-Yo-We
• Muskoka Woods
• Camp Nagiwa
• Ontario Pioneer Camp
• Olympia Sports Camp

Popular Dining, Deli’s & Cafés

• Spencer’s Tall Trees
• 3 Guys & A Stove
• The Little Place By The Lights
• Pub on the Docks
• Café Willgress
• Soul Sistas
• Henrietta’s Pine Bakery
• Farmer’s Daughter
• The Butcher’s Daughter

Golf Courses

• Mark O’Meara Course
• Deerhurst Highlands
• Huntsville Downs Golf Course

Other Courses Nearby
• Bigwig Island Golf Club
• North Granite Ridge Golf Club
• The Diamond ‘In The Ruff’ Course